Sunday, 29 March 2015

These glorious things called "Swaps"!

As stated above these glorious things called "Swaps" aka "Clothing swaps" or "Klädbytardagar" if you're from Sweden. I think most people are familliar with these by now but they are seriously one of the best things I know right now.

The basic idea is that you bring clothes that you don't want anymore and that you bring home clothes that someone else doesn't want anymore but you do. The reason I love them so much is that you have the chance to try something new, maybe something that you wouldn't buy for yourself but that you end up liking after trying it on and getting the chance to test it out for free.
Sometimes you get one ticket for every item that you bring and can bring home as many as you brought and other times it's more of a "free for all" where you can bring home as much as you want. Sometimes you don't even have to bring clothes to take home some. But usuallyw we can all find something we can bring, it's nice to switch it up in the closet.

In my hometwon these things are fairly common because I live in a very eco-friendly and awesome town where second hand clothes are very popular.

Swap tips:
  • Check facebook or other social platforms or even locaql noticeboards for posters or events announcing Swap meets. Be sure you check the rules and follow them to make it easier for the nice people that are arranging the Swap
  • Be there early, hopefully  even a bit before the Swap starts since there is usually a long line, and the best items go first.
  • Be fast, be quick, be stealthy use your special vision to find the items that interest you and head for them.
  • If there is an opurtunity always try the clothes on before bringing them home. Nothing sucks more then taking something home and finding out it doesnt fit.

Manners when going to a Swap:
  • Make sure the clothes you bring are washed, doesn't have any stains or rips and are in generally ok condition. Small holes are usually ok since people can make the choice to fix them up or not, or like with us goth people a hole or two is usually nothing bad. Think about it, would you like to get home with your new goodies only to discover that your favorite garment of them had permanent stains or were unusable.
  • We all now that the key is stealth and quickness when grabbing things that strike your fancy but don't push people around and when someone else gets there before you, accept it and think of your next find.
  • Make sure you don't take more things then what you will actually use or take an unreasonable amount of clothes, spread the joy around.

And here are some pictures from some of the recent Swaps I've been too. Taken with my phone camera so the quality is not great: