Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Goths in Hot Weather!

I think we all know the site Goths in Hot Wather, even though I find it quite narrow-minded it does highlight an important problem, what to do when the weather tuns hot and sunny? I for one do like summer, I love the nature, swimming in the local lake and treating the whole world like your giant living room when you can just sit down anywhere with your friends and hang out.
But I have to admit that I am one of those people that have a really bad time when it comes to handling heat. I guess I'll blame my northern, viking/same people blood for this one. I am not a person uilt for heat and I suffer quite bad sometimes while longingly yearning for snow. Also for those people who do wonder, yes northern Sweden does indeed get quite hot during the summer ;)

So even though this might be a bit late I thought I'd make a post about stuff I've learned dealing with hot weather.

General advice:
  • Remember to stay hydrated even indoors, prepare a large pitcher with some lemonade or ice water for easy access and it's more fun then just drinking water.  You can also fill some plastic bottles half filled with water, put them in the freezer and then fill them up with water when you leave the house, they will stay cool for a long while.
  • Remember to get enough salt, eating salty things will also help to make you extra thirsty and drink more, if available my favorite salty treat is dried and salted reindeer meat.
  • Remember to use sunscreen, to keep pale yes, but also to protect your skin. Though some times I feel like sunscreen make me feel warmer and slightly more suffocated then being without.

What to think about when choosing your outfit:
  • Cover your head, a scarf or hat will make a nice assecory and as well keep you from sunstroke, a scarf is easily brough in your bag when leaving the house in case you might want to use it later, it can also double as a sitting scarf to put on the ground when you lounge in the park.
  • Choose the right fabrics, yes velvet is gorgeous but it's not worth a heatstroke the same goes for other thick fabrics. Net, chiffong and other sheer fabrics might do well but since they are largely plastic they might get quite sweaty as well, the best choice is probably cotton or silk if you have that available.
  • This is not usually the time to be modest, we all know we have our issues with our own body but it's ours and seriously this is the time to get over it and flaunt it. 
I for example always had an issue with having uncovered shoulders and I am quite insecure about my stomach but during this years WGT the heat made me realise that fuck it, it's frickin hot. So I kind of started wearing less and less clothes after each day and ended up just wearing lace shorts, stay-ups and a net top that showed both my stomach and shoulders and after the weekend I realised I was all the better for it and got more confident.

  • Lighter colours, yes we all dread this, but think about it, that lilac/white/pastel dress, you always wanted to take it for a spin right? This is the moment, and you can always goth up your look with assecories/hairdo/make up etc.
  • When choosing shoes, go more strappy then booty or get out those studded flats I'm sure most of us have.
  • Tights can be good to cover up your legs but most of the time it's nice to be bare-legged, it usually ends up being cooler.  
  • Consider trying out a lighter makeup look, while I myself feel this make little difference, it might be nice change for some.

What to always bring in your bag:
  • Water bottle
  • Scarf or other to cover your head.
  • In case of make-up melting some touching up products.
  • Bathing suit, you never know when the opportunity will be there.
  • Sunscreen

In the case of extreme sweaty delirious hopelessness when actually doing somwthing with your day is useless attempt:

Outside solutions
  •  Find a nice shadowy tree to lie under, hopefully in a place where there is also some shade.
  • Bring your headphones and some nice music/movies on your fancy phone to keep you occupied.
  • Lots and lots of water, fruit and some salty snacks.
  • A nice blanket in some light thin fabric to lie on.
  • Call some friends to complain with you.
  • If possible also do this close to a water source, lake or sprinkler and jump in for the occasional dip. Remember to cover your goth make up (lol... meh).

Inside solutions
  • Cover the windows not letting any sunrays get in, while at the same time you might want to keep windows and doors open to keep the breeze going.
  • Dig up that old fan, even a small one might help, if one's not available a folding fan might do, or you know just fashion your own.
  •  Bring out a well chilled pitcher of  lemonade or water, watermelon and some well deserved snacks.
  • Put on some of your favorite movies, music or make you partner/friend or cat dance a raindance for you, much entertainment!

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