Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Saving money on makeup!

As a goth girl consuming quite a lot of makeup daily and being a full time student being able to economize makeup has been an important step to sustains makeup creativity and spending within reasonable limits.

So this post will be a summary of tips and tricks I myself use regularly.
These tips and tricks apply mostly to people with durable skin and flexible makeup routines. In most cases not people dependent on exactly the same products over and over and people that get allergic reactions to cheaper brands and have to be extremely careful with which brand they use.

How to find makeup cheap
  • Search trough the sale and discount section in stores, don't be scared to dig, you can always wipe of the ones that are slightly sticky or repair broken eyeshadows. Sometimes you can snag something really great and sometimes it's going to be an unfruitful search. 
  • Find out if there are products or colours you lov
  • Check for your favorite brands on eBay or other auction sites, you can usually find a lot of really nice things for a much cheaper price then the one in stores. Just look out for scammers and knockoffs. Also be aware of eventual customs when ordering from abroad, usually you can find more information on the official website of your country's post office or customs service. 
  • Second hand shops sometimes have sections of makeup that has been donated by shops or people that never used them. Though it may seem creepy you can sometimes find really cool stuff, just be sure to wipe them down (you can even use sanitizer I that makes you feel even better) check that they work ok and that they look ok. I have bought many things this way and never had any unpleasant experiences really.
Don't destroy your makeup by being to careless with it
  • Keep your makeup protected and dry, it might be good to invest in a nice container for the makeup you carry around and another one to keep the makeup at home in.
  • Try not to drop your make-up that often, it cracks the caked makeup, if you do check tips for restoring them longer down.

    Use everything in your bottles
    • It is easy to forget that you can usually get to that last piece of makeup by cutting open a tube or plastic bottle as well as using a brush or other tool to get to that last thing in glass bottles. There is usually quite a lot left even if you can't reach it at first.

    Use makeup routines that don't need to be reapplied all of the time
    • Invest in primers, it might seem like a wierd sacings method to buy more things but primers will not only preserve the makeup you put on but also save you a lot of time and extra makeup that you otherwise has to use for touch-ups during the day

    Repair cracked foundation/blusher/eyeshadow
    • One clever little trick I learned over the years is the fact that you can use Acetone (the version freee from added substances such as oil), crack up broken eyeshadow or other and mix with aceton, smooth it out in the container again and leave to dry. When the acetone evaporates you will again have a hard cake in your container and not loose powder or tiny bits.
    A special note on fake eyelashes
    What I have found as a frequent user is that what really matters si definately not the quality of the lashes themselves but the quality of the glue used. The glue you get together with the lashes is usually crap and will frustrtade you to no end. Save money on lashes and buy that extra good glue, I myself use Make-Up store's glue which is very durable, easy to apply and  one tube will last for a long time.
    Gif of me from this weekend, H&M lashes and Make-up store glue.

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    1. Thank for the tip on Acetone, I´ve never knew you to set loose eyeshadows before! And yeah, cheap makeup is a must for a full time student as myself as well :)
      I´ve also found that a primer plays a huge role in good sustainable makeup. I´ve recently discovered that a reliable hairspray is the key to every good backcomb! hehe.
      Yet I am not that of a masochist to put false lashes on. It always seemed like torture to me, hehe ;)