Sunday, 16 February 2014

Goths in Cold

Finally true winter is here, we had a bit of a strange beginning this winter with warm weather, humid air and rain, the atrocity it was horrible. But now after Christmas winter seem to have woken up (better late then never) and we again have crispy white virgin snow and frost on the trees. Finally I say, finally I can wear layers again! But true winter also means transition, no more short pvc skirts and netstockings without your legs being red and raw... So I thought I would compile som tips for succesfull cold weather gothy goodness!

 Me this weekend, I am cozying up with my fur hood and thick knitted scarf.

  • Velvet, a very varm and elegant fabric.
  • Knitted, there is many interesting knitted fabrics that are very varm and cosy. It's also "in" this autumn which makes it easy to find interesting models. Even hm have a knitted bat pullover :D
  • Fur, fake fur is my preference and it's very cosy. 
  • Wool is a good candidate expscially when it comes to warm coats, I currently own a long wool coat in black from Bat Attack, it's not superthick but the material certainly keeps you warm enough.
Succesfull layering:
  • Cardigans... If my family was included in the game of thrones series our saying would be "Always bring a cardigan!"... (True story)
  • Scarves, there are many lovely scarves in interesting designs that are very gothinspired indeed. As suggested in a comment tube scarves are especially handy and cosy as they can be used as both scarf and hood with the extra benefit of not squishing your hair!
  • Thick stockings, invest in a couple of thick stockings, they are a wonderful addtion and make you feel really cosy.
  • Knee-highs and Overknee socks are good choices to wear over stockings if you still prefer thinner stockings or it's really cold.
  • I am currently super in love with my new thermo leggings, they are what it sounds like, very warm leggings, but what I found most useful is that they don't really make your legs look that much thicker, so you can wear ordinary stockings over, a perfect way to wear your favorite thin stockings even in winter.
  • A nice warm coat, prefferably in wool, velvet or something really cosy and warm. There is a lot of cotton coats floating around but they will not keep the warmth in most of the cases even though they can  look cool. Longer coats are usually better then wearing short jackets that leave your bum cold.
  • Even though headwear is often very hard to find there are some alternatives, the problem is of course that they can flatten your hairdo and similar things, but there are many different options, earmuffs, headbands, beanies or even fluffy headphones might help.
  • Mittens/gloves many cute designs here as well, some elegant some sweet. Can compliment any wardrobe.
  • Scarvers/shawls, can be supergothy indeed with lace or ripped knits or even made in velvet, good for layering, keep them around your neck or over your shoulders.
  • A good pair of boots... Yes your open victorian shoes are stunning but what you are going to need are some damn good boots. There are some nice goth alternatives here as well dr martens, getta grips, and even some platform boots might work since the platform isolate you from the cold of the ground, (they can be slippery though). And remember that steel-toe shoes might actually be colder then normal boots since the metal leads away warmth from your feet.

The basic thing is good old fashioned common logic, but when you want to look fancy sometimes you get lost in apperance, but there are many ways to look good and be warm. Good luck staying warm this winter!