Saturday, 11 January 2014

Making decisions!

Ok long story short.
So I have been pretty down at times lately, for me this is nothing new since it is a part of my life as it is for many other people. I have always had a problem with spring which is the time period when my seasonal depression sets in (SAD), since the changing light climate induces it. So for this spring I decided to set up a rescue plan to get trough it in the best possible way. This plan includes making up events to look forward to to motivate my self to stay on track. So I have decided to definitely go to WGT - Wave Gotik Treffen this year, it will be awesome. I'll meet friends I don't see other times and my boyfriend is also very excited to come along.

In deciding this I also have decided to set up goals for myself, things I have wanted to do already for a while but I will use WGT as a motivation for these things now.

 Things I will do to save money
  • Not eat at the University Cafeteria, make my own food. Well this is actually just an issue of laziness really since the cafeteria food is not that tasty anyway (and super pricey). So I just have to remember to have something ready in the morning that I can bring. Which does require a bit of planning, not my strong side. 
  • Not buy any more stuff before traveling, if I want something new to wear, I should make it myself. Which looking at my wardrobe and my pile of "should DIY this sometime" is huge. So this is just a sensible decision I wanted to make for a long time. I just didn't have the motivation before.
  • Sell some of the clothes in the "I can't wear this/Never got around to liking this" pile in my wardrobe and save the money for WGT. This is also a step I've been wanting to take for a long time, my wardrobe is stuffed, I need the space and the money. Also it's just a waste to have pretty things I don't use lying around when someone else could be using them and getting joy out of them.
  • Limit the amount of candy/crisps/snacks in general I buy, it's a waste of money and they are unhealthy. But most of all, the fatty snacks make my stomach hurt and the candy is making me nauseous and dizzy when I eat it. So you know, common sense dictates that this is a good idea as well.
 General life decisions
  • Plan ahead, I have things in my studies as well as possible summer work to look into and I need to fix dates for that if WGT should make sense later on.
  • Stop trying to imagine the possible all the time where my relationships are concerned, I want to go with my boyfriend on this trip and just imagining that it'll get screwed up is just making up issues for myself to worry about.
Photo of me from earlier this summer.
 But now for the most heart-wrenching most serious and most time consuming question of them all...m
... What to wear? Seriously how to compete with all the beautiful people ^^. But I will figure that by and by, probably make a post about it ^^ (Challenge accepted)

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