Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Goths in Hot Weather!

I think we all know the site Goths in Hot Wather, even though I find it quite narrow-minded it does highlight an important problem, what to do when the weather tuns hot and sunny? I for one do like summer, I love the nature, swimming in the local lake and treating the whole world like your giant living room when you can just sit down anywhere with your friends and hang out.
But I have to admit that I am one of those people that have a really bad time when it comes to handling heat. I guess I'll blame my northern, viking/same people blood for this one. I am not a person uilt for heat and I suffer quite bad sometimes while longingly yearning for snow. Also for those people who do wonder, yes northern Sweden does indeed get quite hot during the summer ;)

So even though this might be a bit late I thought I'd make a post about stuff I've learned dealing with hot weather.

General advice:
  • Remember to stay hydrated even indoors, prepare a large pitcher with some lemonade or ice water for easy access and it's more fun then just drinking water.  You can also fill some plastic bottles half filled with water, put them in the freezer and then fill them up with water when you leave the house, they will stay cool for a long while.
  • Remember to get enough salt, eating salty things will also help to make you extra thirsty and drink more, if available my favorite salty treat is dried and salted reindeer meat.
  • Remember to use sunscreen, to keep pale yes, but also to protect your skin. Though some times I feel like sunscreen make me feel warmer and slightly more suffocated then being without.

What to think about when choosing your outfit:
  • Cover your head, a scarf or hat will make a nice assecory and as well keep you from sunstroke, a scarf is easily brough in your bag when leaving the house in case you might want to use it later, it can also double as a sitting scarf to put on the ground when you lounge in the park.
  • Choose the right fabrics, yes velvet is gorgeous but it's not worth a heatstroke the same goes for other thick fabrics. Net, chiffong and other sheer fabrics might do well but since they are largely plastic they might get quite sweaty as well, the best choice is probably cotton or silk if you have that available.
  • This is not usually the time to be modest, we all know we have our issues with our own body but it's ours and seriously this is the time to get over it and flaunt it. 
I for example always had an issue with having uncovered shoulders and I am quite insecure about my stomach but during this years WGT the heat made me realise that fuck it, it's frickin hot. So I kind of started wearing less and less clothes after each day and ended up just wearing lace shorts, stay-ups and a net top that showed both my stomach and shoulders and after the weekend I realised I was all the better for it and got more confident.

  • Lighter colours, yes we all dread this, but think about it, that lilac/white/pastel dress, you always wanted to take it for a spin right? This is the moment, and you can always goth up your look with assecories/hairdo/make up etc.
  • When choosing shoes, go more strappy then booty or get out those studded flats I'm sure most of us have.
  • Tights can be good to cover up your legs but most of the time it's nice to be bare-legged, it usually ends up being cooler.  
  • Consider trying out a lighter makeup look, while I myself feel this make little difference, it might be nice change for some.

What to always bring in your bag:
  • Water bottle
  • Scarf or other to cover your head.
  • In case of make-up melting some touching up products.
  • Bathing suit, you never know when the opportunity will be there.
  • Sunscreen

In the case of extreme sweaty delirious hopelessness when actually doing somwthing with your day is useless attempt:

Outside solutions
  •  Find a nice shadowy tree to lie under, hopefully in a place where there is also some shade.
  • Bring your headphones and some nice music/movies on your fancy phone to keep you occupied.
  • Lots and lots of water, fruit and some salty snacks.
  • A nice blanket in some light thin fabric to lie on.
  • Call some friends to complain with you.
  • If possible also do this close to a water source, lake or sprinkler and jump in for the occasional dip. Remember to cover your goth make up (lol... meh).

Inside solutions
  • Cover the windows not letting any sunrays get in, while at the same time you might want to keep windows and doors open to keep the breeze going.
  • Dig up that old fan, even a small one might help, if one's not available a folding fan might do, or you know just fashion your own.
  •  Bring out a well chilled pitcher of  lemonade or water, watermelon and some well deserved snacks.
  • Put on some of your favorite movies, music or make you partner/friend or cat dance a raindance for you, much entertainment!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Saving money on makeup!

As a goth girl consuming quite a lot of makeup daily and being a full time student being able to economize makeup has been an important step to sustains makeup creativity and spending within reasonable limits.

So this post will be a summary of tips and tricks I myself use regularly.
These tips and tricks apply mostly to people with durable skin and flexible makeup routines. In most cases not people dependent on exactly the same products over and over and people that get allergic reactions to cheaper brands and have to be extremely careful with which brand they use.

How to find makeup cheap
  • Search trough the sale and discount section in stores, don't be scared to dig, you can always wipe of the ones that are slightly sticky or repair broken eyeshadows. Sometimes you can snag something really great and sometimes it's going to be an unfruitful search. 
  • Find out if there are products or colours you lov
  • Check for your favorite brands on eBay or other auction sites, you can usually find a lot of really nice things for a much cheaper price then the one in stores. Just look out for scammers and knockoffs. Also be aware of eventual customs when ordering from abroad, usually you can find more information on the official website of your country's post office or customs service. 
  • Second hand shops sometimes have sections of makeup that has been donated by shops or people that never used them. Though it may seem creepy you can sometimes find really cool stuff, just be sure to wipe them down (you can even use sanitizer I that makes you feel even better) check that they work ok and that they look ok. I have bought many things this way and never had any unpleasant experiences really.
Don't destroy your makeup by being to careless with it
  • Keep your makeup protected and dry, it might be good to invest in a nice container for the makeup you carry around and another one to keep the makeup at home in.
  • Try not to drop your make-up that often, it cracks the caked makeup, if you do check tips for restoring them longer down.

    Use everything in your bottles
    • It is easy to forget that you can usually get to that last piece of makeup by cutting open a tube or plastic bottle as well as using a brush or other tool to get to that last thing in glass bottles. There is usually quite a lot left even if you can't reach it at first.

    Use makeup routines that don't need to be reapplied all of the time
    • Invest in primers, it might seem like a wierd sacings method to buy more things but primers will not only preserve the makeup you put on but also save you a lot of time and extra makeup that you otherwise has to use for touch-ups during the day

    Repair cracked foundation/blusher/eyeshadow
    • One clever little trick I learned over the years is the fact that you can use Acetone (the version freee from added substances such as oil), crack up broken eyeshadow or other and mix with aceton, smooth it out in the container again and leave to dry. When the acetone evaporates you will again have a hard cake in your container and not loose powder or tiny bits.
    A special note on fake eyelashes
    What I have found as a frequent user is that what really matters si definately not the quality of the lashes themselves but the quality of the glue used. The glue you get together with the lashes is usually crap and will frustrtade you to no end. Save money on lashes and buy that extra good glue, I myself use Make-Up store's glue which is very durable, easy to apply and  one tube will last for a long time.
    Gif of me from this weekend, H&M lashes and Make-up store glue.

    Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    A Goth-girls guide to Thrifting!

    So I figured I would put together a "little" post about second hand shopping as a goth girl, something that could indeed be applied to anyone looking for fun things when they go thrifting. For myself thrifting has become somewhat of a hobby and my friends usually seem rather surprised at a lot of my findings and at the price I got them for. In this guide I will mostly focus on clothes even though I regularly thrift for a huge number of unlikely items.

    Preparation! It might seem silly but if you want to have a fun time of your thrifting it's best to be well prepared.
    • Be sure to have been drinking and eating correctly in the hours before you go on your adventure, nothing ruins thrifting more then having low blood sugar. It is also reccomended to take a quick chatty fika* preferably with friends in the middle of the escapade. It can also be advisable to bring a fruit and a bottle of water with you for quick snacking if you don't have the time or opportunity to sit down somewhere. Indeed most swedish second hand places will actually sell some fika in a cozy corner of the store.
    • Bring a clever amount of clothes, you should have enough to not freeze when making your way between stores but don't bring too many since itmakes the ordeal of getting them off when trying clothes a hassle. They are also heavy to carry around if you indeed become to warm after a while.
    • Try to have a reasonable amount of time on your hands when attempting to go thrifting, finding the treasures usually requires some time spent and nothing is more boring then rushing trough the stores.
    • If you have a number of stores to visit try to make a brief mental plan of the order to visit them in. Is one more fun than the others? Is one cheaper then the others? It migh be smarter to spenda longer time in the cheaper one to find the better bargains and when not finding anything in the less sorted stores going to a slightly more expensive better sorted store afterwards might save the day.
    • Bring a reliable possy of friends if you thrive in social situations while if you feel introverted on the particular day going on your own is reccomended, going on your own is usually more effective. But that being sad, the most fun I had in thriftstores is usally when me and my friends try on outrageous outfits laugh. and in many cases find out it's actually quite perfect for us.
     In the store
    • The trick of thrifting is usually to not be too specific, not being on the search for something incredibly precise, because the most likely outcome is that you will not find it. What I usually do is that I walk trough all parts of the store and seeing what the store has to offer on this particular day.
    • Learn what colours and tectures usually are your preffered ones so you can effectively search trough wide selections. For me usually it is the darker colours and velvety/lacy things I program my mind to find. So for example I will look trough all of the dark clothes and only skim trough the lighter ones to find unlikely likes so to speak.
    • Try on the things you find, something might look perfectly lovely on the hanger might not be flattering, have wierd fit or hidden flaws.
    • If you are a handy person you can always alter unfitting clothes or pimp them out, so keep this in mind when trying on and looking at clothes - Could this be altered? How? Is it worth the effort and is the price reasonable enbough to consider that?
    • If you are particular about not wearing things with holes in or that are slightly ragged, look trough the garments thouroughly. This might be less important for Goth's as myself, I daily wear slightly holey things so for me it's not incredibly important. 
    • In some stores cashiers will be open to haggle the price with you, especially if you find a hole or something in the garment so you can always politely ask at the desk i that is the case. This also depends largely on what store you visit and in what part of the world you live, in Sweden haggling is very uncommon and might not always be pleasantly received.
    • Don't pay too much! You are in a thrift store, if it's not a bargain it's not worth it. In some cases spending slightly more for a very particular item might of course be reccomended, remember it wont stay there for a very long time. But rest assured that you will always find other enjoyable things later on so don't waste money on very expensive items if you are not absoluetly sure you "must have them".
    • Dig! Dig that pile of clothes, it migth seem tedious or for some bacteria aversed people out there, uncanitary (you can always bring a bottle of hand sanitizer if it bothers you). But the truth is generally that the best and cheapest things you will find in these kind of piles. Who cares if people look wierdly at you, you're there there to buy things so dig away at the stock.
    • If you're into fancy unergarments, rest assured thrift stores will usually have a hidden box somewhere with this, some of them migh be super ugly, but some are usually really cool and people are generally to embarrassed to dig through them so here you could find some nice grabs. It's also usually here you find those unopened packs of stockings and similar that could be a really nice find.
    • If there is a rack next to the changing rooms with clothes people tried on but didn't want be sure to check it, here you can also sometimes find gold.
    • If you are a woman, don't limit yourself to the womans section, or indeed if you are a man don't limit yourself to the mens section. Look trough all sections - can't tell you how many nice t-shirts and ties I have found this way. If you are slim or short it might also be interesting to go trough the young/kid section where you can also find many cool things for even cheaper prices. These can usually be altered or you can use the fabric for some cool project.
    • Accept the will of the trift gods, some days you will find tons of things, some days nothing, it's all part of the game and this is why trifting is usually so interesting, but don't give up just because you didn't find anything on your first try, stay strong! 
    After the thrifting adventure
    • Be sure to have adequate transportation, if you find a lot of things, sometimes it migh be advisable to maybe grab the bus home instead of walking or bringing a bike. 
    • Wash the things you have bought and be careful to look at labels to see what the washing instructions for said garment is, this gets rid of unwanted smells and anything else that could be hiding in the clothes. Admittedly I don't always do this myself, but it's part of a good practice.
    Flea markets
    Of course mainly I have been referring to thrift stores in this post, but the same general principle applies to flea markets as well, with some small differences as people being slightly more willing to haggle and no availability to changing rooms.

    So as a finishing touch I will wish you good luck on your thrifting adventures and hope you have a jolly good time out of it!

    Me last weekend, and a link to my instagram,
    where I'll be sure to post fun pictures of me thriftshopping in the future!

    *The swedish fika is the first thing you learn about when you cross the Swedish border and since it is such a pleasant custom it is often brought back when you go home to your home county again (or so all my exchange student friends claim). The swedish fika is indeed what most people in otehr countries would call "Grabbing a coffe" but what the Swedish fika does in a bigger extent also include something sweet as a side dish, famously the swedish cinnamon bun but it can be anything. The coffe can also be replaced by anything such as tea, lemonade or a soda, the essential part is that it constitutes a pleasant break, something drinkable and something eatable.
    The having of the fika is almost sanctified and letting swedes get on with their day without getting their fika break is something that should not be tried unless you want some extremely grumpy swedes on your hands. All workplaces will have scheaduled fika breaks and at the university you excpect a fika break in all lectures if they are longer then one hour.

    Sunday, 16 February 2014

    Goths in Cold

    Finally true winter is here, we had a bit of a strange beginning this winter with warm weather, humid air and rain, the atrocity it was horrible. But now after Christmas winter seem to have woken up (better late then never) and we again have crispy white virgin snow and frost on the trees. Finally I say, finally I can wear layers again! But true winter also means transition, no more short pvc skirts and netstockings without your legs being red and raw... So I thought I would compile som tips for succesfull cold weather gothy goodness!

     Me this weekend, I am cozying up with my fur hood and thick knitted scarf.

    • Velvet, a very varm and elegant fabric.
    • Knitted, there is many interesting knitted fabrics that are very varm and cosy. It's also "in" this autumn which makes it easy to find interesting models. Even hm have a knitted bat pullover :D
    • Fur, fake fur is my preference and it's very cosy. 
    • Wool is a good candidate expscially when it comes to warm coats, I currently own a long wool coat in black from Bat Attack, it's not superthick but the material certainly keeps you warm enough.
    Succesfull layering:
    • Cardigans... If my family was included in the game of thrones series our saying would be "Always bring a cardigan!"... (True story)
    • Scarves, there are many lovely scarves in interesting designs that are very gothinspired indeed. As suggested in a comment tube scarves are especially handy and cosy as they can be used as both scarf and hood with the extra benefit of not squishing your hair!
    • Thick stockings, invest in a couple of thick stockings, they are a wonderful addtion and make you feel really cosy.
    • Knee-highs and Overknee socks are good choices to wear over stockings if you still prefer thinner stockings or it's really cold.
    • I am currently super in love with my new thermo leggings, they are what it sounds like, very warm leggings, but what I found most useful is that they don't really make your legs look that much thicker, so you can wear ordinary stockings over, a perfect way to wear your favorite thin stockings even in winter.
    • A nice warm coat, prefferably in wool, velvet or something really cosy and warm. There is a lot of cotton coats floating around but they will not keep the warmth in most of the cases even though they can  look cool. Longer coats are usually better then wearing short jackets that leave your bum cold.
    • Even though headwear is often very hard to find there are some alternatives, the problem is of course that they can flatten your hairdo and similar things, but there are many different options, earmuffs, headbands, beanies or even fluffy headphones might help.
    • Mittens/gloves many cute designs here as well, some elegant some sweet. Can compliment any wardrobe.
    • Scarvers/shawls, can be supergothy indeed with lace or ripped knits or even made in velvet, good for layering, keep them around your neck or over your shoulders.
    • A good pair of boots... Yes your open victorian shoes are stunning but what you are going to need are some damn good boots. There are some nice goth alternatives here as well dr martens, getta grips, and even some platform boots might work since the platform isolate you from the cold of the ground, (they can be slippery though). And remember that steel-toe shoes might actually be colder then normal boots since the metal leads away warmth from your feet.

    The basic thing is good old fashioned common logic, but when you want to look fancy sometimes you get lost in apperance, but there are many ways to look good and be warm. Good luck staying warm this winter!

    Sunday, 12 January 2014

    Bat cookies!!

    Made some awesome and supertasty bat cookies today with my friends!

    We used this recipe:

    1 1/2 cups butter, softened
    2 cups white sugar 
    4 eggs
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    5 cups all-purpose flour
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    1 teaspoon salt
    1. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt. Cover, and chill dough for at least one hour (or overnight).
    2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Roll out dough on floured surface 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Cut into shapes with any cookie cutter. Place cookies 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
    3. Bake 6 to 8 minutes in preheated oven. Cool completely.
    To get the cookies the black color we used one little bottle of black food dye in the dough, it's one of my personal favorites as you can imagine, we used it in the cream to my coffin birthday cake as well. The frosting was not made by any particular recipe,  just powdered sugar and a small amount of water as well as a tiny bottle of red food dye with a tiny splash of black in there to get some darkness into it and not make it all pink. We tried to find purple food dye at first but alas no luck.

    Easy to make, finally got to use my bat cookie form and we had lots of fun. My friends are not really as obsessed with bats as I am but they do it for my sake and they enjoyed it too!

    Saturday, 11 January 2014

    Making decisions!

    Ok long story short.
    So I have been pretty down at times lately, for me this is nothing new since it is a part of my life as it is for many other people. I have always had a problem with spring which is the time period when my seasonal depression sets in (SAD), since the changing light climate induces it. So for this spring I decided to set up a rescue plan to get trough it in the best possible way. This plan includes making up events to look forward to to motivate my self to stay on track. So I have decided to definitely go to WGT - Wave Gotik Treffen this year, it will be awesome. I'll meet friends I don't see other times and my boyfriend is also very excited to come along.

    In deciding this I also have decided to set up goals for myself, things I have wanted to do already for a while but I will use WGT as a motivation for these things now.

     Things I will do to save money
    • Not eat at the University Cafeteria, make my own food. Well this is actually just an issue of laziness really since the cafeteria food is not that tasty anyway (and super pricey). So I just have to remember to have something ready in the morning that I can bring. Which does require a bit of planning, not my strong side. 
    • Not buy any more stuff before traveling, if I want something new to wear, I should make it myself. Which looking at my wardrobe and my pile of "should DIY this sometime" is huge. So this is just a sensible decision I wanted to make for a long time. I just didn't have the motivation before.
    • Sell some of the clothes in the "I can't wear this/Never got around to liking this" pile in my wardrobe and save the money for WGT. This is also a step I've been wanting to take for a long time, my wardrobe is stuffed, I need the space and the money. Also it's just a waste to have pretty things I don't use lying around when someone else could be using them and getting joy out of them.
    • Limit the amount of candy/crisps/snacks in general I buy, it's a waste of money and they are unhealthy. But most of all, the fatty snacks make my stomach hurt and the candy is making me nauseous and dizzy when I eat it. So you know, common sense dictates that this is a good idea as well.
     General life decisions
    • Plan ahead, I have things in my studies as well as possible summer work to look into and I need to fix dates for that if WGT should make sense later on.
    • Stop trying to imagine the possible all the time where my relationships are concerned, I want to go with my boyfriend on this trip and just imagining that it'll get screwed up is just making up issues for myself to worry about.
    Photo of me from earlier this summer.
     But now for the most heart-wrenching most serious and most time consuming question of them all...m
    ... What to wear? Seriously how to compete with all the beautiful people ^^. But I will figure that by and by, probably make a post about it ^^ (Challenge accepted)

    Wednesday, 8 January 2014

    Elegant Underwear Mania

    I have recently found myself with a slight mania like obsession and urge to buy of fancy undergarments. Some would say this is due to me now having acquired a boyfriend in the previous months but for me I've always had an obsession with fancy burlesque, pinup slightly bondage-esque as well as weird and of course sexy underwear. I would wear it out to clubs, you know of course hidden underneath my party outfit and they would make me feel more confident and more in a party mood even though anyone else would never get to see them. Maybe almost especially because nobody got to see them, they would be my own little fancy secret.

    And when I talk about fancy and hot underwear I do not mean supertiny bikinis that cover less then the average postage stamp, but I prefer slightly more mystery then that. But of course if stamp mini thongs is your thing, go for it ^^.

    I nowadays sometimes have the issue of having too many fancy undergarments and not enough for everyday use. You know how people say they always wear their old grannie panties during wash day, for me it would be the opposite, wearing that silky lacy thong for laundry day underneath my comfy pants, always felt a bit off. Yes I am surely stuck with a wardrobe of lacy, see trough, ruffley and satin additions.

    Where to acquire them:
    • Online - There are tons of great shops for these kind of things online, of course sometimes trying them on to see if they have the right fit would be preferable, but this is not always allowed in ordinary stores either. Look for stores with a return policy and especially investigate what is the rule for underwear. But the pros with online shopping is you can find almost anything, undergarments you never even thought possible or thought could exists, or things that speak to your special nerd interests, sailor moon panties, bat thongs or really anything you can imagine. Online shopping can also be relatively cheap, just watch out for those taxes on big orders from other countries.
    • Retail stores - This might be a slightly more expensive alternative but somehow also the easiest and the most reassuring, you can feel materials and investigate the object in question. Trying on is not always allowed - If you are trying them on put them over your already worn garments. Be on the lookout for sales especially after Christmas I've found  tons of interesting and super cheap things at retail stores. I think the Christmas sales is extra interesting is because fancy underwear is supposedly a popular Christmas present to give and after Christmas they want to get rid of those raunchy items that don't sell well during other seasons. Also on that note is fancy underpants for your girlfriend a present for you or for her? - Now discuss! (If it was me I would love it)... I think I will look into the stores after Valentines day this year as well, might be a good though.
    • Second hand shops - Ok, ok stay with me for this one. Yes buying used underwear could be considered creepy I get that. But with second hand shops it's always a judgement call, in the end a lot of the undergarments I've found there are unused, with tags even. You know that fancy pantie that never had it's shining moment, unwanted gifts from significant others etc etc. So though you might feel embarrassed to rummage trough the underwear section at second hand shops I say, feel no shame. Carefully look trough the items before purchasing, are they in brand new condition, have they ever been worn etc etc. I've found wonderful vintage, burlesque and expensive brand underwear this way, many of them unused with labels or even in unopened boxes.
    • DIY - The last and never ending option is of course DIY, and when I say DIY I don't only mean making them yourself from scratch because I do agree that this can be tricky, time consuming and end up in a non comfortable garment, but for you handy people for all means go for it! No but I am also talking about buying undergarments and adding things to make them more interesting, a plain cotton undergarment can look much snazzier with a few bows, some lace, printed bats or you know anything you fancy on them. Just be careful to not use scratchy material that will itch and you might need to hand sew some parts if it's too tricky to use the sewing machine.
    Some tips:
    • Washing - Be careful, use one of those fabric bags and be sure to use a gentle washing regime. Nothing sucks more then finding your new fancypants shredded after the first wash.Though of course we all want to wash underwear thoroughly so it might be an idea to acquaint yourself with the washing instructions before buying, if they are too complicated you might not want to bother buying them
    • Be observation of current trends, and especially a while after said trend - when it all ends up in the sale section. For me the best examples is the current 50 Shades of Grey trend, I never read the book and I am not really interested in doing so either but I can appreciate a slightly lacier section of underwear inspired bu this book - HM is having a special line in honor of the book now.
    • Don't wear them for anyone else then yourself, unless you know it's a special occasion or something for your significant other and you're making that the present and to be honest you're not really supposed to be "wearing" them anyway (If you know what I mean). You should always feel comfortable and happy in what you wear and in most cases your significant other won't even care what you wear. I totally feel like my boyfriend doesn't really care one or the other way, god dammit, I'm wasting my fanciness on him ^^ (nah).
    - Do wants -

    - Do want just because this are to god damn awesome not to want - 


    I ordered these today, not superfancylicious but I will tweak them a bit, I am looking forward to lounging about in that lacy top though. The double fabric in the bust will make it nice to use without a bra, for example for comfortable fancy sleeping over at my boyfriends for example. The hipsterpanties will most likely be modifed with a little silver skulls or cute tiny velvet bows or something. I snagged them at an online sale at, as is my practice ;).