Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The lovely north

Soo the moving phaze is soon over which feels amazingly nice. Even though switching from my own appartment to a corridor room is a big change I feel it was a really interesting and good one.

I have always had problems interacting with people if I feel forced to do so. But in this corridor I feel it is much easier and might be good for me to excercise this meet people everyday thing.
To be truly honest being completely shut up has never benefitted me but it has been my first choice when I have been feeling down which is understandable.
But here I feel I can choose if I want to be social, or if I want to be alone. It's pretty perfect so far. Amd my nine corridor mates are really nice and cool people...
  • To name a few there is the leftwing feminist gal who never shaves her legs and is amazingly fun to discuss politics with.
  • There is the vegetarian german girl that makes intersting dishes I've never seen before.
  • The loud canadian guy next door to me that insists on playing dubstep... I could live without that but he is very social and nice and I swear to god he is tall as a house, over 2 meters XD
  • The swedish girl reading media with professors that drive her insane and always bring her textbook into the kitchen :P
 To name a few ^^
My room is pretty small but I am trying to make it as cosy as possible, I have my black lace curtains a ton of black lace and velvet table cloths so far. But it'll get even better when I get the rest of my stuff.

The people in my class are also very nice and fun to talk and spend time with. And the university is lovely, coffe shops everywhere,culture... Love it :)

I even went to a small segment of a live opera today, at campus...
And I am back in the north, I belong here, nowhere else... Is what I realise day by day.
And soon, the snow will fall, lovely lovely snow :3

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