Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Hello there, my name is Matilda, I am a biology student from Sweden. The style that would describe me and my music taste closest is Goth. Even so I take ainspiration from a lot of genres and styles, Gothic Lolita, Visual-Kei, Bohem, Vintage, Fashion and etc and it goes on.
The name MatildaMarbleEye just originatates from my obsession with eyes, I like drawing eyes and in my personal opinion looking into someones eyes for a long time feels more personal then seeing them naked. They are kind of like the mirror of the soul.
I came up with the name a long time ago, there is probably more to it, but I really liked how it sounds and I have kept it since ;)

I also use the name NaturesDarkPassion often, that name is actually inspired by a song from The Damned, the song is actually not my favorite but that name really sums up my whole being, I love nature, I love the dark side of things and I am very romantic ;)

This blog will be dedicated to style inspiration posts, philosophical thoughts about life, shopping hauls, poems, youtube videos and everything else I feel like putting in here ;)

I have a youtube channel as well where I rant about silly stuff and make videos about shopping hauls, feel free to check it out and subscribe ;)

I also have a tumblr where I dump stuff regularly, interesting pictures and tiny messages etc ;)

That is everything for the introduction, I suppose, see you around!

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